Introducing The Honey Pot Method. Marketing For Doctors Who Hate Marketing

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Many doctors are concerned that if they engage in online medical marketing they are opening up their privacy to levels that not comfortable.

In these situations many doctors opt to “do nothing” in the hope that if there is nothing there, they won’t be found.

Sadly this is not the truth. Online reviews, Google review and other social media sites have content that is created by people other than yourself, people who’s reviews and content you have no control.

For this reason I have crated what I’ve called “The Honey Pot Method” a simple way to fix 2 birds with simple actions…

  • Firstly you can take back control of what people find when they Google search your name.
  • Secondly you take control of how people contact you and your own particular levels of privacy.

The good news is that this can be done simply and economically with free websites available to all.

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Dr George