Essential Elements For Websites For Doctors

Hey Guys, a quick post on what I consider essential pages for medical websites for doctors.

Probably the most important “money making” page is the contact page. This is where patients will be able to find your practice as well as be able to call or contact via email.

This page should include:

  • Your phone number
  • Physical address of the practice
  • Google map – your own practice listing for the Google map

Other pages that are useful for all medical practices:

  • An individual page for each doctor that includes:
    • a video introduction of the doctor
    • their particular medical specialties and interests
  • Practice FAQ’s and SAQ’s. These should include:
    • Practice policy for results, scripts, follow up
    • How to book appointments
    • Prices of appointments
    • Privacy policy
  • Medical FAQ’s and SAQ’s if you are a practice that has “speciality areas”.
  • A welcome page for the front of the website. I’d recommend this contains:
    • A beautiful photo of the front of the building so people know what to look for
    • Links to every other page on the website
    • Your address, phone number and how to contact

This is the basic structure I have used for many medical websites. These style of sites rank very well and have good patient engagement. They are modular and can grow over time.

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Dr George Forgan-Smith


Hey guys, it’s George here. I noticed a question on the Facebook group that was asking about what you would include in a medical website. Now, there’s lots of different ways to make a medical website but this is one way that I suggest.

The first thing is the basics. The absolute basic website should have an introduction to you and the services that you provide and a contact page. The contact page is the page on the website that makes you all of your money, so this page is the most important and probably one of the first pages that I will ever build.

What should be included on a contact page is a map, a Google map that shows people how to find you and there should also be some mechanism for people to be able to send an email to you and that can be easily done using contact form plugins with WordPress. There’s lots of ways to do this and I actually showed how to do this in my online training. There is also a way for people to be able to phone you and that is important as well. Every page on the website should include your address and phone number so people can find you and an easy way to do that is to do a banner. However, on the contact page, it’s vital that there is a phone number there, so people can actually call you.

Now, beyond that, what I do recommend is that every doctor have an introduction page and that should include a video, so people can actually get a feel for the doctor and get to know them. As well, there should be information about the particular services and interests that that doctor has.

Then finally, if you’re a specialty practise, what I would recommend is my 10 frequently asked questions and 10 should ask questions and make sure that these are all included into an FAQ section. That way, when people are going in, they can understand everything that they need to know. That can be about medical problems but thinking from a practise perspective, other frequently asked questions for a practise include, how much does it cost, what happens with results, is there a hospital nearby, are you affiliated with local hospitals. Start thinking about these sort of questions and then it makes life a lot easier, not just for you but for your patients. When your lives of your patients is easier, guess what? Yours becomes easier, because instead of having to explain how to find the local pathology or the local radiologist, you can go, “Have a look at this page on the website. You’ll see it all explained there.”

These are the pages that I would recommend but first things first. Contact page, contain a map, contain a way for people to be able to send you an email and a way for people to be able to call in to make an appointment. That’s the page that’s going to make you all of your money. Everything else is additional layers and icing to the cake, but definitely introduce each doctor. Have a video for each doctor and their absolute specialties and then have FAQs and should ask questions. That can be both the medical but you can also have a practise frequently asked question and a practise should ask question as well.

I hope that that was helpful and clarified what I personally do for all of the medical website that I make for myself but also for other doctors. I hope you found that helpful.